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Alcohol addiction is a serious disease that affects a person’s body and overall health. This condition often requires alcoholism treatment at a specialized care facility. When a person suffers from alcoholism, he or she can no longer control cravings for the substance. Without drinking alcohol on a regular basis, the body goes through withdrawals.

Alcoholism treatment can help those suffering from the disease to withdraw as safely as possible. Because alcohol detox can be dangerous and life-threatening, seeking alcoholism treatment is vital to overcoming the disease. Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie offers patients the quality care and caring environment required to treat addiction and ensure success. Call us at (772) 882-3919 and begin your new life today.

Statistics for Port Saint Lucie

According to 2013 statistics from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, an estimated 214 traffic crashes were related to alcohol in St. Lucie County. Of the 38 motor-vehicle fatalities in St. Lucie County, 13 were alcohol-related.

Alcohol Abuse vs. Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction and alcohol abuse are two different conditions that describe a person’s relationship with alcohol. Those who abuse the substance may have some control over their drinking, yet still use alcohol in a negative or potentially dangerous manner.

An example of an alcohol abuser is a binge drinker. A binge drinker is a female who drinks more than four drinks in a row or a male who drinks more than five drinks in a row. Drinking this excessively can lead to a blackout, which is when a person passes out from drinking too much and does not remember what happened while he or she was drinking.

Both binge drinking and alcohol abuse are considered risk factors for alcoholism. Additionally, these habits are dangerous because they increase the risk for traffic accidents and risky behaviors, including physical altercations and trouble with the law.

Late-Onset Alcoholism

Late-onset alcoholism occurs when an elderly person begins to abuse alcohol. They may turn to alcohol as a means to escape depression, loneliness or pain. Late-onset alcoholism can be difficult for loved ones to identify because the symptoms can resemble that of dementia or may be passed off as a side effect of aging.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism refers to a physical dependence upon alcohol, in which the individual’s body requires the substance in order to function, and will also experience strong cravings for it.

Additional signs and symptoms of include loss of control when it comes to drinking and/or stopping drinking, as well as developing a tolerance. This means a person has to drink more in order to achieve the same effects.


Denial can be a major roadblock when it comes to helping a person seek needed help for their dependence issues. As a result, an intervention may be required. An intervention is performed with friends and family members, as well as an addiction counselor or mental health professional. This process is aimed at encouraging an addict to receive professional help, often at a treatment facility.


A physical dependence on alcohol means a person experiences withdrawal symptoms when not abusing the substance. This withdrawal syndrome can include serious side effects known as delirium tremens or DTs, which can cause seizures, hallucinations, confusion, tremors, coma, and possibly death .For this reason, most mental health professionals recommend detoxing at a professional treatment facility, where medications can be administered to minimize harmful side effects.

Rehabilitation Treatment

The alcoholism treatment program at Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie is a 30 to 45 day residential program designed to help patients safely detox, as well as learn to live a life free from alcohol. Treatment can include medications to minimize side effects, therapy to help patients identify contributing factors to drinking, support groups and healthy living activities so they can learn the life skills needed to resist triggers and temptations in the future.

Do not deal with addiction alone. Help is available at Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie. Call 772-882-3919 to speak to an addiction specialist today.

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