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Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie (772) 882-3919 Alcohol Rehab

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Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie (772) 882-3919 Alcohol Rehab

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Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie (772) 882-3919 Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a complex disease that affects both a person’s physical health as well as his or her mental health. While a person may be ...

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Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie (772) 882-3919 Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a disease that affects a person’s ability to control cravings for a particular substance. According to the American Society...

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Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie FL,

Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie helps to take the sting out of addiction. From the city to the suburbs, more than any time in history, drug addiction is at epidemic proportions with no end in sight. Even in beautiful Port St. Lucie, drug dealers set up operations and create a demand for their supply. Cocaine, Marijuana and prescription drugs was recently found in four homes used as the base for illicit drug operations in the area. The work of drug treatment centers help to counter the fallout of these operations. For help now, call (772) 882-3919.

These residential drug operations have identified a lucrative market spurred by prescription addiction among the senior population. Admissions to Drug treatment centers is typically lower for seniors than for young adults. Since it is not unusual for seniors to regularly take medications for chronic pain, abuse typically get overlooked. The elderly are also more likely to reject the need for the services of drug treatment centers than any other demographic. This phenomena has been dubbed the “Quiet Epidemic.”

Identifying the precise rate of drug abuse among seniors can be difficult since age related symptoms also mimic those of addiction. According to recent data, there is an obvious uptick in the number of seniors with drug related problems. A John Hopkins Medical report projects a 190% increase in prescription drug addiction among the elderly by 2020.

Most seniors who become addicted to prescription drugs have legitimate medical issues. However, many increase their dosage without medical advice or supervision. Taking over-the-counter medications that contain narcotic drugs in combination with other prescription drugs can also contribute to the development of dependency, drug overdose and the opportunity for a fatality. It is therefore important to differentiate between normal drug use and abuse.

Common signs and symptoms of drug abuse may include:

  • Chronic sleepiness caused by over sedation
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Imbalance manifested by unsteady gait
  • Requesting frequent early medication refills
  • Regular complaints about losing medications or that drugs has been stolen
  • Changes in moods and personality
  • A new lack of interest in hygiene and appearance
  • Changes in appetite
  • Isolation. Preferring to be left alone
  • Emphasizing the need for more medication from the prescribing doctor
  • Behaving secretively about how money is being spent.
  • Purchase drugs from illegitimate sources

Although prescription drug abuse and alcoholism is the primary issue for senior adults, some studies show that prescription drug use can transition to hard street drugs like heroin and cocaine. Paying attention to significant changes in behavior and the escalating use of drugs can help to determine if drug abuse is occurring.

Treatment for Addiction

Drug Treatment Centers Port St. Lucie provide customized treatment programs for adults with prescription and other addictions. Each drug rehab treatment program is designed based upon the need of the individual. A thorough physical and psychological evaluation provides a treatment profile that determines the type of treatment that will be most effective for the patient.

Although age-related conditions can complicate the drug and alcohol treatment process, our board certified doctors and nurses have the experience and expertise to administer evidence based treatment programs that can help seniors to overcome addiction. Our comprehensive approach and diverse treatment programs enable the selection of treatment protocols that fit each individual regardless of age. Our ultimate goals is full recovery and long term sobriety for all our patients.

If you or a loved one need drug rehabilitation now, call Drug Treatment Centers Port Saint Lucie at (772) 882-3919.

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